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 Your Source for Hand-woven Ethnic Doll Cloth that fit American Girl    
 and other beautiful fair trade products from Guatemala
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Resources for Teachers and Parents

Marilyn Anderson, author of Maya Arts and Crafts of Guatemala: Artes & Artesanias Mayas de Guatemala has just completed teachers and parents Guides for using the coloring book.  If you want to teach about Mayan Culture or Fair Trade in your Art, Spanish, World History, Geography or other class its a great supplement to your curriculum and can help you prepare lesson plans.  The guides are also just a fun way to share with your favorite young children.   The guides are available for free on the web - check them out by clicking the links below:7fd.JPG (21461 bytes)

Many of the Guide's suggested learning activities will be enhanced with the Terra Experience Teaching Kits of Mayan "Fun Stuff".  The Kits provide "hands on" examples of many of the Arts and Crafts pictured in the Coloring Book and its Teacher's Guide.

We currently have the following Mayan "Fun Stuff" Teaching Kits Available

Kit [1] Kids & Fair Trade:  Child Sized Kit (sized for young children to try out)

Kit [2] Kids & Fair Trade:  Doll Sized Kit (a great display with a 16 to 18" doll) 

Each of these kits includes:

  • a huipil (hand-woven Guatemala blouse)
  • a handmade palm hat
  • a maguey bag with carrying strap
  • a carved wooden mask
  • a drinking or other decorated gourd

Additional options include:

Kit [3]  Hand-woven carrying cloth (tzute) 
Kit [4] Doll-sized carrying basket (canasta) and carrying cloth (tzute)

Kit [5] Small example of back-strap loom 
Kit [6] Small doll weaving on a back-strap loom 

You can also purchase two versions of Marilyn Anderson's "Maya Arts and Crafts of Guatemala: Artes & Artesanias Mayas de Guatemala"  coloring book  from Terra Experience  

Maya Arts and Crafts of Guatemala: Artes & Artesanias Mayas de Guatemala --- 8.5" x 11"   Price = $6.00

7fd.JPG (21461 bytes)

Maya Arts and Crafts of Guatemala: Artes & Artesanias Mayas de Guatemala --- 11" x 16.5"  (great for display and teaching with small groups)    Price = $15.00

Kit [1]  Kids & Fair Trade:  Child-sized Kit  
(sized for young children to try out)
Price for small child-sized kit (K-2nd grade)  =  $55.00   
(Huipil will be sized for small child, approx.                         )

Price for medium child-sized kit (3-6th grade) =  $65.00
(Huipil will be sized for medium-sized child, approx.      )

  1. One Small  or Medium child-sized used hand-woven huipil from Chichicastenango, Patzun or other village
300e.JPG (56941 bytes)  3216.JPG (52702 bytes)  1c6f.JPG (68504 bytes)
  1. One Guatemalan child- sized straw or palm hat (usually worn by men & boys, but fun for everyone, as you can see at an informal happening this summer on my porch in Wisconsin) 

33c8.JPG (32011 bytes)  259a.JPG (46061 bytes)

  1. One handmade crocheted cotton, or woven or netted maguey  fiber bag - various sizes and styles 

33c2.JPG (48461 bytes)    33c4.JPG (40893 bytes)   

  1. Small Painted Mask (various animals, approx 6"x 4"x3") 

  2ff0.JPG (92239 bytes)  3401.JPG (40142 bytes)

  1. Carved Wooden Gourd

33d9.JPG (28963 bytes)

Kit [2] 16 or 18" Doll-sized Kit  
(Note doll is not included but many different 16" & 18" dolls are available.  If you are thinking about buying a doll, consider the Fair Trade "Maya Traditions Doll" or check out other options.
Price for doll-sized kit  = $40.00  and includes:

  1. One outfit (traje)  for 16" or 18" doll from Patzun, Guatemala.  Includes traditional over-blouse (huipil), skirt (corte) and belt (faja). The doll is not included.  Examples of the types of outfits are shown below

 2b58.JPG (49336 bytes)  1eaf.JPG (37715 bytes)  b69.JPG (32159 bytes)  90d.JPG (42436 bytes)  dbd.JPG (41139 bytes)

  1. One 16 or 18" doll straw hat from Guatemala (doll not included)

     51f.JPG (41396 bytes)  51a.JPG (47038 bytes)   

  1. A maguey net cargo bag or carrying bag for doll (doll not included)

         bb0.JPG (30267 bytes)  bac.JPG (38886 bytes)  171.JPG (108880 bytes)

  1. A small Mayan Mask

33ff.JPG (35506 bytes)

  1. A doll-sized gourd . Gourds come in an incredible number of sizes and shapes.  Some are used as water carriers others as ceremonial or everyday drinking cups others for storage. 

  2fce.JPG (54410 bytes)  e7d.JPG (22449 bytes)

Kit [3]  Child-sized Mayan carrying cloth (tzute)    The tzute or carrying cloth is used for carrying an infant, items to and from the market and many other functions.  The tzutes included in this kit are usually handwoven on a back-strap  loom and measure at least 30" x 30".  The tzutes are each unique and have been used. They are generally in good shape, but may have some spots or light wear.  The tzutes also make nice table cloths once you have finished using them to carry things. You will find instructions on how to make a bundle to carry on the arm (or on the head ) in the Guide: LEARNING FROM THE MAYA.
Price for child-sized carrying cloth (tzute) = $20.00 
(note examples of different ways tzute is used in picture below)

1e9f.JPG (77472 bytes)  1634.JPG (70051 bytes)  16d7.JPG (72710 bytes)  147c.JPG (73855 bytes)

Kit [4] 16" or 18" Doll Sized Mayan Carrying Basket (canasto) & Cloth (tzute)   In Guatemala, they use the word canasto for a basket with no handle. (Notice this in the coloring book. ) The canasto is the traditional Mayan basket.  The tzute cloth is used to cover things in the basket and are also often used instead of a hat to shade the head.   Most that we sell are from Solola. Check here for pictures of Solola.  
Price for doll-sized basket & carrying cloth = $7.50:

e7e.JPG (46992 bytes)  e7f.JPG (35593 bytes)  1884.JPG (35185 bytes)  1887.JPG (43039 bytes)

Kit[5] Example of a Small back-strap loom -  doll or small child size is from San Antonio Aguas Caliente. .  Comes in a rainbow of colors.    The loom contains all the rods of a backstrap loom, in a scale that might be used by a young Mayan girl as she tries her first weaving. Even if a Maya girl of seven or eight  might weave on a backstrap loom most of us in the US or Canada need to be experienced weavers to actually use the loom. So unless you are a weaver, its probably best plan to use it as a wall hanging or loom for your doll.  Some of the weavings have the characteristic San Antonio Aguas Caliente weavings where the design looks as good on the back of the material as on the front.  If you are interested in learning more about about San Antonio Aguas Caliente you might want to purchase or get from you library the book "A Life of Their Own" by Aylette Jenness & Lisa Kroeber.
Price for Small Back-strap loom with maguey back-strap = $27.50 

Length of loom (from rod to rod) approximately 14". The loom pieces are approximately 14" and the width of the weaving averages 8".  Each one is unique.

33f0.JPG (42217 bytes)

3409.JPG (48467 bytes)3407.JPG (56173 bytes)

33fe.JPG (34382 bytes)

       33f4.JPG (48031 bytes)

 3402.JPG (34346 bytes)

Kit [6] Fun Weaving Doll shows traditional back strap loom and mother with child.  (approx 5.5"x2.5"x3")
Price for Weaving Doll = $12.50

ae2.JPG (31624 bytes)  bcd.JPG (57326 bytes)  e60.JPG (31792 bytes)




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