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Doll Accessories:  Hats and Cintas 
Each piece is hand-made, so there is slight variation between pieces.

Traditional Hats   (Scroll Down or Click on Pictures--many colors)

Hats for Tourists  ( Click on Pictures--many colors)



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Crocheted Beanie Hats
$7.50  DA-HA-CR-S
These type of hats  such as the white hat pictured below - are worn by Mayan Babies from some towns.  These versions are a bit smaller and  fit 18" Dolls such as American GIrl Doll.

Made by Choila. Also Lucia and her family

sh 16 & .5w


************^ **


Royal Blue



sold out 

Black & White



Crocheted Traditional Hats from Chichicastango
$7.50  DA-HA-CR-CC

Made by Lucia and her Family




sold out 





Straw brimmed hat

hat, straw up on white_14.JPG (14519 bytes)

 Not all the straw hats you see on tourists actually come from "Panama", this one came from the Lake Atitlan area of Guatemala.
(18" doll sized, 4" diameter, 12.6 " circum., with brim 6.5 dia. )





San Antonio Polopo Cinta (head piece)





Made by  Theresa

These woven pieces are worn proudly by San Antonio women


hats, gorra_9.JPG (8284 bytes)

Guatemalan child's gorra (hat)

Fits dolls such as American Girl Doll

Fits dolls such as Bitty Baby

These small hats are used in many parts of Guatemala to keep children's heads warm.
(18" doll sized, approx. 4" diameter, 12.6 " circumference, plus small brim ) 

red only




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