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Doll Accessories:   Crocheted Doll Hats & Shoes


"Gorras"  / Hats for Tourists
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Traditional "Gorras" / Hats  
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"Zapatos" / Shoes -
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Doll Accessories:   "Boina" Tams /Beret  & "Chavo" Tie Hats
These fun stylish crocheted doll tams look great on American Girl Dolls and similar 18" dolls.  They are are made for the tourist trade.  They come in a wonderful array of colors.  Made by Lucia and her Family. The hats are good example of Mayan Artisans taking their traditional skills and adapting them into styles and products that appeal to tourists. 

  Stylish "Boina" / Tam or Beret  style " Gorras" / Hats       
item #  DA-Hat-CR-Tam  (sh-1 & 18w)                                       Click on Pictures for more detail  arrows3.jpg (13778 bytes)                           

Doll Tam - Teal Blue
$7.50 *********


 Doll Tam - Royal Blue


Doll Tam - Red
$7.50 **********


Doll Tam - Light Pink


 Doll Tam - White
$7.50 *******


Doll Tam - Rose


 Doll Tam -  Medium Lavender
$7.50 **********


 Doll Tam - Bright Fuchia
$7.50 *******


Doll Tam - Black
$7.50 ******


Doll Tam - Blue Blend
$7.50 ******


 Doll Tam - Pink Blend
$7.50 **


Doll Tam -"Celeste" (Turquois)
$7.50 ****


Doll Tam - Rainbow Potpourri
$7.50 *******


Doll Tam - Green
$7.50 *****


Doll Tam - Dark Purple
$7.50 *********


Crocheted "Chavo" Style Tie
"Gorra" / Hat with Flap for Doll  ---  
Fits 18" Dolls & Bitty Baby Dolls
  Item #  DA-Hat-CR-Tie         Click on Pictures for more detail  arrows3.jpg (13778 bytes)       

"Chavo" Style Tie Hats with Flaps.

Fun hats fits either your 18" doll or a doll such as Bitty Baby.  They are crocheted by Lucia and her family They are made for tourists and are not traditional Mayan styles.. 


001 --- Beautiful Stripes & Zig-Zags


002 ---  Beautiful Stripes


003 --- Multiple Blues


004 --- Blue and White Diamonds



005 --- Pink Stripes



006 --- Pastel Rainbow Potpourri



007 --- Rainbow  Potpourri



Blue Tones***


Warm Tones*****



 Brown and Tan Tones******


Rust & Orange Tones****


Subtle Stripes****


Zapatos Para Muneca" or Doll Shoes  ---   Item #  DA-S-CR  
Fits 18" Dolls
                                           Click on Pictures for more detail  arrows3.jpg (13778 bytes)       

"Zapatos Para Muneca" / Doll ShoesFun crocheted zapatos (shoes) fits your 18" doll.  I met  Sara Quiacain Ujan in a market a couple years ago.  She was crocheting these beautiful   zapatos for babies.  I asked her if she could make some a bit smaller for my 18" Doll. She could!!!!  They are made for tourists and are not traditional Mayan styles.  But they are fun for you and your doll and help Sara's family purchase the things they need! 

The shoes also go great with some of the crocheted hats by Lucia (see above).

A. "Celeste" (turquoise), "Blanco" (white) & "Oscuro Azul" (dark blue)
$8.50  *******



B. "Fucsia" (fuchsia), "Oscuro Azul" (dark blue) & "Verde" (green)
$8.50 ******


C. "Blanco" (white) & "Rosado" (pink)
$8.50 *******


D. "Rosado" (pink blend)


E. "Fucsia" (fuchsia), "Rosado" (pink) &  "Moreno" Brown
$8.50 *********


F. "Blanco" (white) & "Rosado" (pink) & "Rojo" (red)
$8.50 ****



G. "Verde" (green) & "Oscuro Azul" (dark blue) $8.50 *


green *******  
 Blue ******    
3 Pinks ******    
Rosado ***    


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