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Doll Accessories: Mayan Hammocks              
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Hammocks with striking black Jaspe

Hand-woven San Juan  La Laguana Hammock


Hand-woven San Juan La Laguana Hammock with Jaspe Ikat


Natural Dyed Hand-woven San Juan La Laguana Hammock

Hammocks are recommended for Ages 8 and above


WARNING - Keep away from babies and small Children under age 6!  
These traditional hammocks have strings/ropes that are a potential strangulation hazard for babies and infants! 

San Juan La Laguana Doll Hammocks 

With striking black Jaspe tie-dyed thread (Ikat)


by Josefa & her family


Josefa shows my doll how the hammocks are made.

Woven hammock are about 32" long by 15" wide plus about 9" ties on each end.




Light Green* $30


Light Blue & Beige $30

sold out 

 Light Tan & Brown $30



updated 4/21/2015

Rust & Brown* $30


Green & Black** $30


Rust & Red $30

sold out 

 Multiple Greens* $30


Reds & Brown $30

sold out 

Tan & Brown** $30



Hand-woven San Juan La Laguana Doll Hammocks by Josefa & her family




Josefa and her grown daughters made some beautiful hammocks that are wonder for 18" dolls such as American GIrl Doll

These hammocks are very fine and take over a day to make.  The woven hammock measures about 28" long by 17" wide.

Also works for a Teddy Bear, Bitty Baby and ... there is a rumor some cats even like them






 A  - $25.00 

sold  out

B  $25.00

sold out 

C  $25.00 **






Two friends are enjoying the hammock on my porch. 

D  $25.00  *


E  $25.00

sold out

F  $25.00 *


G  $25.00

sold out 

H  $25.00

sold out

I  $25.00

sold out 

J  $25.00

sold out 

K  $25.00 **


L  $25.00 **


M  $25.00 *


N  $25.00

sold  out

O  $25.00 *


P  $25.00* 


Q  $25.00 

sold out 

R  $25.00^  

sold out 


Hand-woven San Juan Laguana Doll Hammock with Beautiful Indigo Jaspe (Ikat) by Josefa's & her family

These hammocks are a little larger than others - about 28" long by 17" wide. 

They have very beautiful indigo jaspe (top two) and golden brown jaspe (lower hammock). The jaspe is done by tie dying the threads before they are woven.  It takes extra time and is expensive.

Red and Blue
  with Indigo Jaspe




Beige  and Red
  with Indigo Jaspe






Gold and Brown
  with  Jaspe






Natural Dyed Hand-woven Doll Hammocks by San Juan Laguana  Xocomil Woman's Group


It takes an incredible amount of time to make the dyes  and dye the threads for the hammocks.  All the dyes are made from natural plant materials
 Green, beige, with some pink tones
about 40" x 17
DA_HM_ND_A  * $35


Orange and beige tones with pink jaspe
about 40" x 17
DA_HM_B * $35


Blue or Green and beige tones with pink jaspe
about 40" x 17" 
DA_HM_ND_C  *** $35


Yellow and beige tones
about 30" x 16"
DA_HM_ND_D * $35



 Click to Watch a You Tube Video of Josefina Relaxing in her Hammock. Can you name the birds you hear?

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