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 Your Source for Hand-woven Ethnic Doll Cloth that fit American Girl    
 and other beautiful fair trade products from Guatemala
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Sources of Hispanic Dolls and other Multicultural 16" & 18" Ethnic Dolls 

We often get  the question --- I love your doll clothes but we don't have an 18" doll.   Do you sell them or where I can find one?  These are some of our answers to this question.  Let us know if you have found others ( ).   

Maya Tradition's 16" Doll - Terra Experience sells  Maya Tradition's 16" Cloth dolls. They make a wonderful friend for Josefina (see below)  They are hand made by Mayan women who receive a fair wage for their work.  Many of Terra Experience's outfits fit these dolls (ask for a shorter skirt option).

2648.JPG (43253 bytes)

2317.JPG (38398 bytes)

Josefina - Of course a favorite is Josefina, the Pleasant Company's Hispanic American Girl Doll.   The American Indian Doll Kaya as well as other 18"  American Girl Dolls: Samantha, Addy, Felicity, Kirsten, Molly and American Girl Today also look great in Terra Experience's  Mayan and  "South of the Border " hand-made outfits and dresses. Some Terra Experience outfits also fit "Bitty Baby"  You can can purchase these commercially-made dolls directly  from the American Girl  website or from their catalog. Sometimes you can find these dolls on Ebay (reuse, recycle...) too.  

Handcrafted Dolls
- There are number of sources of hand-crafted cloth Waldorf and other dolls that are 16 - 18" that look great in
Terra Experience's  Doll Clothes. Many of these dolls are hand-crafted by women in their homes. You might also consider getting a pattern and making your own.  Some places to look for ideas:

262a.JPG (44990 bytes)

A beautiful handmade doll by Joy's Waldorf Dolls  with Josefina.   She wears an outfit from Chichicastenango while Josefina has on one from Santa Catarina Palopo. 

Commercially Available 18" Dolls

263b.JPG (54207 bytes) Most of these commercially made dolls are made in China.   I wish they were made following fair trade principles - but they probably are not. (I would love to hear from someone that they are). However,  I do appreciate having these multicultural dolls available.

15a9.JPG (36358 bytes)

wpe44.jpg (17110 bytes)

Vanessa is a darker skinned doll who has made many friends in Guatemala. She is wearing an outfit from Patzun Guatemala in the top picture with her friends and an outfit from San Juan La the lower picture. 

I have purchased many "Vanessa" dolls from Target over the years (she seems to like to stay with her friends in Guatemala).  In the past several years I was very sad that Vanessa disappeared from the Target shelf.  I just noticed (June 2007) that "Sally the Ballerina" who somewhat looks like Vanessa (maybe her cousin?) is now available on the Target Web site and on and hopefully at Target stores.


2646.JPG (43185 bytes)

Laura Ashley is another 18" multicultural doll that I just found.  She is available at Toys Are Us.  She wears a beautiful outfit from Santiago Atitlan, Guatemala.  It has hand-embroidered birds and flowers on it.

Let us know if you know of other sources of 18" Hispanic and Multicultural Dolls ( ), especially ones that are from  fair trade sources.  Thanks!

Other Multicultural Dolls (larger and smaller)





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