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Good links (most non-commercial) on the living Mayan Culture


  • The Guatemalan Indian Centre:  London, United Kingdom has excellent on-line lists of references, films and links and some great photos. It also has an extensive textile collection and library, which unfortunately due to fiscal constraints is only available to scholars.  The Centre has also published several books on Mayan textiles.
  • Maya Adventure  University of Minnesota Science Museum has online pictures and narrative on Mayan textiles and villages of Chiapas as well as many of the famous Mayan archeological sites in Mexico and Central America. The textile pages are a bit difficult to navigate but if you go to the "The Textile Art of Chiapas Maya" page and then click on "Mayan Sites"   you will get to a lot more information on Chiapas textiles and villages. Much of the pictures are by Jeffery Jay Fox who wrote several books on Chiapas textiles.
  • Images of the Maya: at the Florida Museum of Natural History features traditional woven textiles from the highlands of Chiapa and Jeffrey J. Foxx's award winning photographs provide a rich visual portrayal of the Maya living in Chiapas, Mexico.
  • Backstrap Weaving in Jacaltenango, Guatemala Carol Ventura, Tennessee Technological University has written a book on Jacatenango cinta weaving and has nice web pages with pictures and explanations on this and other types of Mayan weaving.
  • The Fabric of Mayan Life An Exhibit of Textiles: The Pitzer Collection of Mayan textiles at the Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History has pictures of some Mayan Textiles and a nice basic background on the Mayan textile tradition.

  • MARI, The Middle American Research Institute of Tulane University has a good online collection of Guatemalan Textiles.  Its hard to find the textiles from MARI's main web site.  If you get lost try this temporary link to the MARI collection of Guatemala Textiles.
  •  Nim Pot provides a virtual retail museum of Guatemalan Textiles with pictures of textiles from many villages and the villages. Its a good place to check if you are trying to determine where a particular textile is from.  It is a commercial site that sells its own items and consignment items.
  • Maya Textiles of Lake Atitlan by Margot Blum Schevill on the Arte Maya Tzutuhil website provides a good overview and examples of textiles found around Lake Atitlan.

Literature and Language:

  • Yax Te' Books The mission of Yax Te' is to produce and disseminate books and other materials that serve educational, cultural, and preservation goals related to Mayan culture. Yax Te' publishes in Spanish, English, and Mayan languages.
  • K'inal Winik Cultural Center at Cleveland State University, an institutional unit devoted to education  Maya languages, art and cultures.


Other Aspects of Mayan Culture

  • Weaving the Texture of the Comos website by Allen J. Christenson, Brigham Young University focuses on the religious beliefs and culture of the Tz'utujils of Santiago Atitlan

Prior Listed Sites with Broken Links

Arte Textil Maya: Collection of the Centrode Textiles del Mundo Maya: ****Exhibit at National Museum of Mexican Art in Chicago until May 27th, 2007 includes textiles from the Mayan World including Guatemala, Chiapas...

 Maya Textiles:*** University of Southern Indiana Evansville, IN 47712-3596

Los Colores de Guatemala: A Collector's Journey *** Texas Memorial Museum at UT Austin

Museo Ixchel del Traje Indígena: ****A wonderful museum in Guatemala City dedicated to the study and conservation of the country´s Mayan weavings.  Many of the textile books Terra Experience sells are published by this privately funded, nonprofit museum.

Woven Voices: Textile Traditions of the Highland Maya ***The Mesoamerican Textile Seminar Florida State University, Department of Anthropology












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