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Terra Experience s happy to help support the Chica Nica Doll Dress Project  a project of  Wisconsin/Nicaragua Partners of the Americas by selling their dresses.  Your purchase of these lovely 18" dresses provides income to the Nicaraguan women in their home, often the only money coming into the household to support the family. Women can stay in their community, earn income, learn a skill and live with dignity. The styles include both traditional Nicaraguan dresses and many others for all 18" dolls from different cultures.

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Traditional Coastal Confirmation Fiesta (sold out)
Click on pictures to see color options and to order.
You can order traditional Nicaraguan Dresses as well as many other fun dresses for all 18" Dolls

Red Smocked


White Party
The Little Cook Dress
Little Cook

German Christmas
Dutch Dress
(many choices)


many color choices)


 To see more styles click here

I found out about the Chica Nica Doll Dress Project several years ago and thought they would be a very appropriate addition to
Terra Experience's
product line. Learn more about their project and opportunities to help by clicking on their website  http://wnp.uwsp.edu/news/postings/postings.htm  or the images of their brochure below.

Wisconsin/Nicaragua Partners of the Americans
Inc. is a not-for-profit, non-political organization that for over 25 years has worked to enhance quality of life in both Wisconsin and Nicaragua, by people-to-people programs promoting cultural awareness and sustainable community development.  Learn more about their organization at their web site:  http://wnp.uwsp.edu/profile/overview/overview.htm  

Terra Experience
supports their efforts by selling dresses from their Chica Nica Dress Project.




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