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Velvet Bags and Eyeglass Cases  from Guatemala 
Scroll down to see the pictures. Choose your favorites and order them at the bottom of the pictures !

Velvet Bags - These fun  velvet bags are made in Panajachel, Guatemala for tourists.  The husband of a friend of mine uses a machine to individually embroider each bag/purse with a beautiful flower design. The purses are generally 7 inches wide by 5 inches tall, have zipper closures and black cord shoulder straps. They are all about the same size - even though my pictures just don't show them quite that way.
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     arrows3.jpg (13778 bytes)                                           Item # A-BG-VP-M

Rose, Red & Tangarine
** - $7.50

Roses & Reds
B******* - $7.50

Reds, Blues & Green
C ***- $7.50

Rose, Reds & Purples
********- $7.50

Blues & Purples
*- $7.50

sold out

Lavender, Rose & Greens
*****- $7.50

G- $7.50

sold out

Pinks, Lavender & Greens
***- $7.50

Pinks, Rose & Reds
****- $7.50

Turquoise, Rose, Reds
*- $7.50

sold out

Green, Gold, Bronzes
K ********- $7.50

 & 20

IC 6/4/2016


Velvet Eyeglass Cases - These velvet eyeglass cases are made in Panajachel, Guatemala for tourists. Each case has a black cord shoulder strap and a zippered pouch (for that extra dollar, credit card or ?)  About 7" long by 3.5" wide.  Each is unique with a color range similar to those shown in these pictures.
Item # A-BG-VP-E


sold out   &&& 2

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