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Mayan Oil Paintings by the Bal Family, San Juan Comalapa Guatemala

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These are  Guatemalan hand-painted naive oil paintings on canvas made by the Bal Family from San Juan Comalapa in the Chimaltenango Department of Guatemala. The paintings are of family and local scenes. Check each individual painting for size and price.

Feliciano Bal                                            Click on Pictures for more detail        

Artist: Feliciano Bal     Large
 (16" x 22") 
P_FB_001*   $240


Feliciano Bal
Walter Bal

"Curandera" -
The Healer

Artist: Walter Bal  Large
 (16" x 22")
P_WB_001   $150*


Walter Bal
Omar Bal

"La Confradia" The Confradia

Artist: Omar Bal   Large
 (16" x 22")
 P_OB_004 ^  $150



Serenading the Novia


Artist: Omar Bal Large
 (16" x 22")
 P_OB_005*   $150



"Pedida de Novia"
The Request for Marriage


Artist: Omar Bal Large
 (16" x 22")
 P_OB_006^   $150



"Quema de Torito"    The Burning Bullfight (a dance)

Artist: Omar Bal Large
 (15" x 20")
 P_OB_008^   $150



"La Cocina" The Kitchen

Artist: Omar Bal Large
 (16" x 22")
 P_OB_007*   $150



Artist: Omar Bal   Small
(4 x 5.5") P_OB_001*   $50


Some Paintings We Have Sold

Artist: Omar Bal (large) P_OB_007   $150 sold


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