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 Your Source for Hand-woven Ethnic Doll Cloth that fit American Girlp;   
 and other beautiful fair trade products from Guatemala
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Questions and  Answers

RETAIL ORDERING      Wholesale Inquiries   

  • Having trouble ordering?   contact Lynn directly at 608-849-8720 or (you can send me your phone number or SKPE name and I will call you if you prefer.) 
    ps - If you are you using Safari you might want to check the answer below)







Paypal Shopping Cart:  The easiest way to order is to use our secure Paypal shopping cart.  We chose this cart, because as a small business, we wanted our  customers to have the security and safeguards of the major payment system that is used by most Ebay purchasers.  You have the choice of paying with your credit card or via your Paypal account. 
First, If you are considering buying something, just click on the shopping cart or PayPal  
   "logo"  next to the item and it will be added to your "shopping cart". 
Then, if you want to pay for the item (or delete it) you can click on  
or (found in left margin) and it will show what you have selected.  Note: If you are having trouble finding the cart (sometimes with Google Chrome), check to see if it is open in another window.   Note, if you use the browser Safari and are having problems with the cart, please try another browser or click here for more information. Contact us at or 608-849-8720 with any questions.

Paypal will then ask if you want to purchase it, and walk you through how to pay for your order using a system that is secure for credit cards or other electronic forms of payment.  If you have a Paypal account you can always use it to pay, otherwise use your credit card.

Note:   You can pay using your credit card directly.  Paypal encourages you to set up a Paypal Account, but you don't have to. 
Shopping Cart Screen --The shopping card screen gives you the option to "Check Out" or to "Check out with PayPal" (see below). Click on the "Check out" button to use your credit card.
The Check Out Screen ---  On the check out screen, if you want to use your credit card --- choose the option "Credit Card" (as in the picture below) and then fill out the requested information. 

Other Ordering Options:

  1. You can print out our order form and
  • mail it and a check or money order to:
    Terra Experience
    2140 Regent St., Madison, WI  53726 

Terra Experience Order form. Click on your preferred format for a printable version:

  1. Word (2000) Format  (Best option)

  2. HTML Format  (If you don't have access to Word)

  1. Or you can call us at (608)849-8720) and tell us the information over the phone.
  1. Or you can e-mail us at  with your phone number and the best time to call you and we will call you back (usually within 24 hours).
  1. Or you can fill out the order form (suggest using the WORD format), save it, and  include it in an email to  and call 608-849-8720 to give us your credit card information. Note: please don't send your credit card information in an email. Its not safe!!!

Other Options for Purchasing

  • We also sell on eBay, World of Good  Click to see what our current auctions are:  eBay Seller List Terra Experience

  • We sell wholesale in quantity  For more information check our wholesale inquiry page.
  •  Ask us about options for non-profits to earn money for their group.
  • We also sell at a number of Fair Trade Events around the Midwest.  Check out our calendar for events close to you:    Event Calendar


How:  In the United States we generally ship via US Priority Mail.  Internationally we usually ship via US International Priority Mail (Global Priority Mail) or via US Postal Service's First Class International Mail (for packages 4 pounds or less).   We can usually arrange alternative shipping if you have a need to do so.  Contact us at 608-231-1247 or for more information. 

Where: We ship internationally.  Our paypal shopping cart is able to calculate postage for the United States and countries we frequently ship to (Australia, Austria, Canada, France, Germany, Guatemala, Israel, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, United Kingdom, and a few others).  We also ship to other countries, but will have to work with you to figure out shipping options and costs after you make your order (or we can estimate them before you order if you prefer).

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Cost:  Ideally we want to charge you what it actually costs to mail your order to you.  We find that our shipping calculator is usually within 15 to 20% of the actual cost of shipping.  If we find that it costs significantly less, we will give you a refund for the difference, or if it is significantly more we may ask you for additional shipping costs.  Books are heavy and can cost more to ship (we often suggest media mail within the US, to keep costs down). We will work with you to figure out the most cost-effective  shipping option (Contact us at or 608-231-1247).

Tracking, Delivery Confirmation & Insurance  Packages shipped USPS priority mail automatically have delivery tracking and  receive $100 delivery insurance. If you want a package insured for more than $100, please ask us about obtaining additional insurance.

 We require a delivery confirmation signature  for all purchases over $250 (to help make sure it gets delivered to the right person - a help and surety  for both of us).    If you live in an apartment we may require delivery confirmation signatures for purchases over $100 (again to make sure delivered to the right person).  If you wish to waive this requirement, there is no insurance available for packages that the postal service tracks as delivered, but you do not receive.

International Shipping:  We ship internationally to most countries in the world. The purchaser is responsible for insurance and insurance costs.  Our Paypal checkout will automatically add postage for some countries that we frequently ship to and have stable rates.  For other countries we will contact you with information about shipping, tracking and insurance options and their cost.  After you select the option, we will send you a paypal money request for the cost.  If you find international shipping and insurance options too expensive, we will refund your purchase.  We will provide documentation on when the package was shipped and any tracking information that is available.  For additional information about international shipping insurance and tracking options please contact

Customs:  We include a customs declaration as required by the US Postal service.  The purchaser is responsible for paying all customs and duty tariffs required by their country.  Let us know if it should be declared a gift.   

When:  We usually ship within one or two business days of receiving your order. We will contact you within that time period if there might be a delay because there are additional shipping charges or we have a question about your order.

How long:  We ship directly from Madison, Wisconsin (Zip Code 53726).  Based on past experience with the United States Postal Service shipping time is estimated below.  The closer you are to Madison, Wisconsin the less time it will likely take. 

Type Service Estimated Shipping Time
United States International
Priority Mail 2 to 4 business days 6 to 10 business days
 International First Class -------- varies
Media Mail (book rate) 1 to 2 weeks
(more during December)

If you contact us directly (608-231-1247) we can usually work with you to provide express or overnight shipping. But we really encourage you to plan ahead. Overnight shipping is costly.   If you plan ahead, you are able to get more product for your money and more of the money you spend helps support our artisans. Thanks!


We want you to be completely satisfied with our products.   If you are not, notify us within 30 days and return the item.  Depending on your choice we will refund your money or give you a credit on another item. 

Returns are expensive for everyone.  So please purchase carefully.

Please tell us how we are doing.  If there is a problem with our product, please let us know about it.  We want to make it right for you and learn from our mistakes.  If there are things you especially like about our products please let us know about them too.  Thanks !  



Return mailing costs are your responsibility, unless it was due to our mistake.  If it was, notify us and we will work with you to figure out the most cost-effective way to return the item.  Sometimes media mail (book rate), first class, or parcel post can be less expensive (but take longer) than priority mail. 


  • Telephone   

    (608)231-1247       (retail shop, Stony Hill Gallery, Dave) or
    (608)849-8720       (web sales, Lynn)  
    Terraexperience   (Skype)                            

  • Postal address 
    Terra Experience, 2140 Regent St., Madison, WI 53726


  1. Is there a way of knowing if you put something new on the web?
  2. Do you have a retail shop in Madison?
  3. Do you sell wholesale?   Yes, check out our Wholesale Inquiry Page.
  4. Is it possible to get a both a doll outfit and a similar outfit (traje) for my child?
  5. What do you have for boys?
  6. I have a child who was adopted from __________, Guatemala.  Which of your doll outfits would be most similar to her village?
  7. I'd like to help in Guatemala.  What can I, my family, my child's class, or my organization do to help?
  8. Other questions you have ---- send them to
  9. Trouble Ordering using Safari

    (12/03/2013) - With the help of another customer I just figured out that Safari no longer works with some of my White
    Paypal shopping cart buttons.   So if you are having trouble ordering something with a white cart and you are using Safari you have a couple options -  1) try a different browser  2) send me an email with the number of or a link to what you want to buy and I can either update cart or send you a paypal invoice for amount (I need your zip for shipping) 3) give me a call at 608-849-8720 and I can take your order over the phone.

    (9/11/2011) -  From Susan. I can't order what I want to order.  Your cart works sometimes and doesn't other times. I have a Mac and use the browser Safari. - Lynn's answer.  I checked the Apple developers group and this appear to be a common problem that  Safari and Paypal unfortunately don't seem to recognize yet (and thus haven't solved).  I suggest you either try another browser or contact us directly via email (include what you want to order, your address and your phone number not your credit card information) or call us directly at 608-849-8720 (web home) or 608-231-1247 (shop). 
    Postscript: Susan was finally able to order using Safari. She said "
    It turns out that you can use safari just fine as long as you ignore the localhost message and make sure you have an open cart in another tab (so you click on the cart icon and then click on the view cart button which opens your empty cart in another tab.  You are then free to add things to your cart.  You should NOT click on the "continue shopping" button as this will close your cart (and you'll have to reopen it again using the cart icon followed by the click on cart button).  Instead you should switch back to the original tab that got the localhost "can't open page" message and use the back button.  This will put you back shopping and keep your cart open in the other tab. ...
    You can mention for Safari that it works fine as long as your cart is open in another tab.  This is apparently a known problem as I've seen reference to it (but no solutions) in a few places."    Thank you Susan for sharing!!! Lynn




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