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Wrapping a Mayan Cinta (Hair Piece) 
Santa Catarina Palopo,  Guatemala
Also check out the Huipils, Skirts (corte), belts (fajas), and doll clothes  that we have for sale from Santa Catarina Palopo.

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Candelaria and her friend Conception are from Santa Catarina Palopo Guatemala.  They wear the traditional hand-woven  "traje" (outfit) from their village.

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You may have noticed their hats.  Actually the hats are wrapped scarves called "cintas" .  They offered to show how to tie a cinta on  Vanessa.
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First you wrap the scarf around your head and pull your hair back.

Then you start wrapping the scarf around your hair. 
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1e54.JPG (45591 bytes) It doesn't always turn out quite like you planned
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Sometimes Mom can help out.

1e5a.JPG (47163 bytes) The "cinta"  looks great and its time for some refreshment at the local stand. 1e5e.JPG (35681 bytes)
For Fun Check out:

A fun book about cintas 

You can also view example and buy huipils and textiles from  Santa Catarina Palopo:

Faje (Belts)

Huipils (Blouses) 

Corte (Skirts) 

 Doll Clothes




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