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A Visit Candelaria's Village, Santa Catarina Palolpo, Guatemala
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For many years Santa Catarina Palopo was a quiet fishing village. Some of the old canoes or Cayucos still are used.   But then the fishery declined.  People could no longer make enough money fishing. 
Farming became more important and so did tourism. Candelaria's Mama goes to a neighboring village to sell her weavings to tourists almost every day.

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"Football" what we call soccer  is the favorite game of Candelaria's brothers when they aren't in school or working in the milpa (small corn field)..
From the lake its a pleasant walk up the hill.

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School was out, so the school yard hosted another football game.
Downtown Santa Catarina  is a pretty quiet place. 

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We wandered into the church.  Santa Catarina is the patron saint of the village. 

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Its then  a long walk up a narrow path to Candelaria's house.  Few families have cars, so most of the homes are located along paths rather roads.

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