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Doll Accessories:  Bags and Purses  Each piece is hand-made.  Thus colors, size and designs will vary. 

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bags, cloth small_66.JPG (65175 bytes)

Cloth draw bags - a good place to put a special treasure. These bags are made of variety of Guatemalan fabrics.






bags, leather_31.JPG (31361 bytes)

Leather shoulder bags - a fun leather purse for your Doll. Made for the tourist market.


out of stock

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bag, leather and tapestry_43.JPG (42714 bytes)

Leather and tapestry draw bags - another fun bag, made for the tourist market.

out of stock



 solola shoulder bags lt bkg.JPG (10924 bytes)

Solola shoulder bag - made of traditionally processed wool this bag is very tightly woven. Solola women wear the small 4"x 4" bag around their neck to store money and keepsakes. It makes a great shoulder bag for your doll. Similar shoulder bags are knitted and worn by Solola men.

Special $9


solola trahe & shoulder bag & fruit.JPG (11735 bytes)

bag, shoulder knit_41.JPG (33162 bytes)

Knitted shoulder bag - made from synthetic yarns these bags are similar to those made and worn in the Lake Atitlan area of Guatemala.  Men often knit and wear these bags.



bag, shoulder knit_9.JPG (11228 bytes)

totos santos shoulder bags, 4.JPG (40975 bytes)

Todo Santos shoulder bag - these small colorful hand crocheted bags are made for the tourist market using traditional designs.


out of stock

todo santos shoulder bag & J.JPG (11744 bytes)
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