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Doll Accessories:  Musical Instruments  

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 rattles, multi_39.JPG (39341 bytes)

Rattle - these rattles or "ching chings" are made from decorated gourds.  They come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes.   We have chosen the smallest we could find for you and your doll to use.

$4.00 sold out

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 drum.JPG (12519 bytes) Drum with Totos Santos Outfit.JPG (12515 bytes)

Drum - many children in Guatemala play with small colorful tin drums similar to these.
(approx. 3" x 2.5" dia.)


sorry out of stock
drum & J.JPG (56485 bytes)

Drum -  you can tap the top of this drum or shake it and it becomes a small rattle noisemaker
(approx. 2.2" x 2" dia.)


sorry out of stock
 flute horizontal.JPG (6950 bytes)

Flute - a Guatemalan flute that you can play.
(approx. 6" x 0.5" diameter)


sorry out of stock

flute, pan doll sized_6.JPG (6870 bytes)

Small Pan flute - a small-sized version of the traditional flute of South and Central America  
(approx. 3" x 2")

$3.00 sorry sold out DA-MU-PF3
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1f00.JPG (18844 bytes)

Small Handmade Guitar - a small (approx 12"x 4"x1.5) handmade 4- string guitar for your doll.


sorry out of stock


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