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Doll Accessories:  Toys Each piece is hand-made.  Thus colors, size and designs will vary.  The pictures indicate the type of items we carry and we try to keep them up to date, but our stock is always changing. If you have questions, please contact us at lynn@terraexperience.com. If you would like, we can confirm that we have the item pictured in stock or send you a scan of other options we do have.
Note:  Toys items have small parts: not for children under 3 years because of potential for choking, aspiration or ingestion!!! 
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 bus, red and black.JPG (7905 bytes)

Wooden "Chicken Bus" - most everyone takes the bus to get to market or town
(it's great public transportation, you don't need a car).   This toy's wooden wheels actually move
approx. 3" x  2 1/2" ht x 1/ 1/5")


out of stock


buses, 3.JPG (23308 bytes)
 hacki sacks_16.JPG (16010 bytes)

Small hacki sacks - your doll can have her own small-sized hacki sack hand-made in Guatemala
 (1" to 1.5"dia.). 

$2.50 ea DA-T-HS1
hachi sacs in a basket.JPG (11123 bytes)
  woodenwear_rooster.JPG (52130 bytes)

Wooden   Roosters and Chickens - a painted, 6.5 inch wooden version of the birds seen in the market
(approx. 6.5" x 4.5" x   2")

$9.50 DA-T-R
woodenwear_rooster3.JPG (42022 bytes)

bird, yellow dove.JPG (8702 bytes)

Clay birds -these small hand-painted clay birds look nice on your doll's table or you can hang them
(approx. 1.5", )

3.00 ea.

out of stock

birds, 6 small.JPG (18078 bytes)

bird, toucan.JPG (4379 bytes)

Clay birds - similar to above but slightly larger and somewhat different styles
(approx. 2.5" )

$3.00 ea

out of stock

birds, 4 large.JPG (41503 bytes)
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