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The Bravest Flute: A Story of Courage in the Mayan Tradition

  Ann Grifalconi

(lightly used hardback)

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Description:                A bit contrived, but enjoyable, story of a young Mayan boy who finds the strength to hold up his family's honor by playing a flute and carrying a drum in a village processional.  The author, Ann Grifalconi,, obviously has experienced and values the culture and processions she writes about in the story. Colorful watercolors add to the story.  While not mentioned in the book, the pictured Huipils (women’s blouses) appear to be from the Chicastenango area of Guatemala.  I have seen several similar processions going to the town on market day, up and down high hills and narrow roads (see my Chichi pictures).  Music is very much a part of the procession.

Age:                            5 - 10

Key words                Mayan, Flute, Social life and customs, Juvenile fiction


 ³The Bravest Flute: A Story of Courage in the Mayan Tradition, Ann Grifalconi, Little Brown and Company, Boston, 32 pp (1994) 

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