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March 9, 2017 ---  Trying to get caught up again. 

March 8, 2017  International Women's Day

Today sharing some of the 2017 photos of Mayan women (and their families) who make Terra Experience's doll clothes and other products. Your purchases help them keep their children and grandchildren in school. Thanks!




Some of Terra Experiences 18 " Fair Trade Doll Doll Clothes
and the Artisans who make them.

These beautiful handmade outfits fit American Girl Doll.  They help you and your doll explore the another culture south of the border, the Mayan World.  Your fair trade purchase also helps keep the Weavers' children in school and meet other needs of the families.  Won't you give a gift that
keeps on giving, is beautiful and has a wonderful story to go with it?  Check out
Terra Experience Doll Clothes page to learn more & purchase.


Fun Events to find Terra Experience in  December 2015

You can always find us on the web (http://terraexperience.com)  or in a corner of Stony Hill Antiques,
(2140 Regent St, Madison, WI 53726 or phone (608)231-1247).    
For some extra fun come visit us and others at:

Date City Event Location & Details
Nov 27 to Dec 23



Chicago Fair Trade Pop-up-Shop

Terra Experience will have a booth  at CFTís Popup Shop.  Lots of 18" Doll Clothes and other fun stuff.  The shop will open the day after Thanksgiving, 
November 27th  through December 23.

  • Mondays: Closed (but open Monday Dec 21 from 12-7

  • Tuesdays-Fridays: 12-7

  • Saturdays: 11-7

  • Sundays: 12-5.

2031 N. Damen, Chicago IL

Some pictures from the Chicago Fair Trade Popup Store:
December 5, 2015 Madison

Madison 19th Fair Trade Holiday Festival

Saturday, December 5, 2015
9:00 am to 4:00 pm

Monona Terrace Exhibition Hall,
1 John Nolen Dr, Madison 
next to the indoor Farmers' Market) 

More information:   FTHF Website


November 13, 2015 --- Just added some San Antonio Palopo Huipils to our Website.

SAP_034  woman

SAP_13-05  woman

SAP_13-08  woman

SAP_14-01  woman

SAP_15-01 woman


SAP_15-02  woman

November 1, 2015  ---  Just added some Chichicastenago Huipils to our Website.

CC_13-A*  woman

CC_15-3*  woman

CC_13-B*  woman

CC_15-5*  woman

CC_15-2*  woman

CC_15-6*  woman


September 4, 2015 ---   Want to know more about Guatemalan Weaving and Textiles?

Just updated the Terra Experience  Mayan Culture Page page with books we have for sale including many excellent references on:

Also just created a complete bibliography of references on Mayan Weaving and Textiles that I have on my shelf on the page.  A few of the books have for sale are pictured below.

Threads of Identity2.JPG (44238 bytes) 24a0.JPG (602165 bytes)
1849.JPG (325434 bytes) 1843.JPG (237206 bytes)
Many Museo Ixchael Publications ----
Santa Maria de Jesus, Costume and Cofradia.JPG (57769 bytes) Zunil.JPG (50280 bytes) Comalapa, Native Dress and its Significance.JPG (95553 bytes) 11ae.JPG (170767 bytes) Tzute and Hierarchy in Solola,.JPG (83526 bytes)

September 3, 2015 --- Amazing things are happening in Guatemala!!!

A nonviolent protest leads to political change in Guatemala.
I hope and pray that in the next elections the Guatemalan people will find and elect someone who has the long-term best interests of the Guatemalan people, environment, socioeconomic justice and long-term-future in mind - rather than someone who is corrupt and only interested in lining his/her pockets and those of his/her friends.

NYT Article on What Happened:: 
Guatemala Swears in New President After Perez Molina Resigns

BBC Article on How it Happened :
  How Guatemalans Daring to Say What They Think

Aug 10 2015 ---  Just added quite a number of Totonicapan belts to our Totonicapan page:
Totonicapan Guatemala (Quiche) Mayan Huipils and Textiles from Terra Experience
They have incredibly finely brocaded designs and one end that has warm colors and the other
 cool colors so the can match whatever you are wearing.


Aug 8 2015 --- Just updated our Chichicastenago belt page to include 2015 belts ---  Some beautiful ones!!!








July 25, 2015  --- Just updated crocheted doll hat and shoe page with many new colors.  Click on the pictures to get to the styles you like.
Many of the shoes and hats look great together!!!



June 20th, 2015 ---  Just added some great additions to our children's and young adult book page:

    Bilingual in Spanish



May 26, 2015 -  Just updated our Children's Book Page .  Now have good descriptions of the books
 and ages for the books included. Some examples of the books available:

Aliki_Corn is Maize, The Gift of the Indians.jpg (125763 bytes)

Riecken, Nancy and Catherine Stock (Illust)_Today is the Day.jpg (133124 bytes)


April 13, 2015 - Just added some new shirts from San Antonio Palopo

S_SAP_15D  Youth

S_SAP_15E  Youth

S_SAP_15F  Youth

S_SAP_15G  Youth

S_SAP_15H  Youth

S_SAP_15I  Youth/Ma

S_SAP_15J  Youth/Man

S_SAP_15K  Man

S_SAP_15L  Man

S_SAP_15M  Man
The Book, "A Family from Guatemala",  tells the story of life in San Antonio Palopo

April 10, 2015 - Some other paintings found in 2015


April 5, 2015 - Just got my taxes finished so put on some new paintings from Angelina Quic.


March 22, 2015 -  Yes I am a bit bit late at adding news.  But it is happening.  Happy New Year & Happy Spring!!!

Here are some beautiful Chajul Huipils I picked up and just put on the web. Check out
Chajul Guatemala (Ixil) Mayan Huipils and Textiles from Terra Experience
if you would like to see more pictures or to purchase.


Folk Art Embroidered Tapestries
--- Here are some of the new embroidered tapestries we got in 2015.The small pictures really don't do them justice.  If you would like to see larger versions or purchase them click on:

December 16, 2014 -


Just learned that Green American recognized Terra Experience as one of 12 Socially and Environmentally
Responsible Retailers for 2014 Holiday season!!!

Check out the article by clicking on the snow person picture.     

December 13, 2014 -  Just added  beautiful Natural Dyed Scarves from San Juan La Laguna.  A nice gift for you or others.

Natural Dye Scarves
Look great on your scarf rack!

Hand-dyed and woven on a
 back-strap  loom with
much skill and time by
San Juan La Laguna
Women's Groups.



November 28, 2014 ---  Chicago Fair Trade Pop-up-Shop. Opens today!!!! 

Here are pictures of the shop and some Terra Experience's Doll Clothes at the shop. Also the Guatemalan weavers who made it possible for your doll to have a hand-woven fair trade 18" doll outfit from Guatemala.   The shop will open the day after Thanksgiving, November 28th and will run through December 24. Open Tuesdays-Saturdays 12-7, and 12-5 on Sundays.  2031 N. Damen, Chicago IL .  If you can't make it to Chicago check out:  http://terraexperience.com/DC_doll_clothes.html

Nov 3, 2014 -  Shows Terra Experience will be at in November and December!  Come say hi!!!!

Date City Event Location & Details


Nov 9 Chicago

Old St. Pat's Solidarity Market

Sunday, November 9th, 2014.
9:00 am - 1:00 pm
700 W. Adams, Chicago, 60661

Nov 23

Fair Trade Sale at Orchard Ridge United Church of Christ

Sunday, November 23, 2014
9:00 am Ė 2:00 pm
1501 Gilbert Rd, Madison, WI 53711

Nov 28 - Dec 24 Chicago

Chicago Fair Trade Pop-up-Shop

Terra Experience will have a booth  at CFTís Popup Shop.  Lots of 18" Doll Clothes and other fun stuff. 

The shop will open the day after Thanksgiving, November 28th and will run through December 24. Open Tuesdays-Saturdays 12-7, and 12-5 on Sundays.

2031 N. Damen, Chicago IL

Dec 6


Madison 18th Fair Trade Holiday Festival

Saturday, December 6, 2014
9:00 am to 4:00 pm
Monona Terrace Exhibition Hall, 1 John Nolen Dr, Madison (
next to the indoor Farmers' Market)
More information:   FTHF Website

If past years are any indication (and we suspect they are) we will have a dazzling array of fair trade products from around the world.


Oct10, 2014 -  Some Santiago At

August 26 2014 -   Some beautiful Huipils from Santiago Atitlan that I finally got on the web.
Click on pictures to get to the page listing.

SA_13-1 woman

SA_13-2 woman

SA_13-3 woman

SA_13-4 woman

SA_13-5 woman

SA_13-6 woman

SA_13-7 woman

SA_13-9 woman

SA_13-10 woman

SA_13-11 woman

SA_13-12 woman

SA_13-14 woman

SA_13-15 woman

SA_14-1 woman

SA_14-2 woma



June 28 -  Time Flies.  Just got through putting 12 new Santiago Sacatepuez morgas or skirts on the web.
Check our corte and morga page.  They are beautiful indigo colored and have colorful embroidered randa's.














April 7, 2014 - Check out fun for everyone --  Just updated

Fun Stuff for Everyone



April 6, 2014 - ` Some beautiful San Pedro Sacatapequez huipils we finally got on the web:

SPS_012-H    woman

SPS_012   woman

SPS_013   woman

SPS_014  woman

SPS_017  woman

SPS_018   woman

SPS_020  woman

SPS_027   woman

SPS_029    woman

SPS_012-B girl/ sm. woman

SPS_012-C girl/ sm. woman

SPS_012-G  girl/ sm. woman

March 28, 2014 -  Some of the new colors we have in soft cotton San Antonio Palopo Scarves

March 26, 2014 -  New Products from Te
rra Experience. Click on pictures to see and purchase.

Beautiful Glass Beaded Bracelets from Guatemala 
Scroll down to see the pictures. Choose your favorites and order them at the bottom of the pictures !

Style A

Style B

Style C

Style D

 I bought these bracelets from a friend who has diabetes. Terra Experience is devoting any profit from sale of these bracelets to helping her pay for her medicine and her children's (and grandchildren's) education.

Velvet Bags & Eyeglass Cases from Guatemala 
We finally have restocked this popular product.  We also have velvet eyeglass cases

March 16, 2014 -  Our shipment finally arrived 3/13 -  just got santos and woodcarvings page updates with new finds including some
nice wood panels with Guadalupe and have Angelina's small paintings on the web now.


Feb 21, 2014 -  New Large Paintings by Angelina Quic from our 2014 trip.  To see and purchase got to:

Feb 14, 2014 -   Friendship Bracelets http://www.terraexperience.com/P_friendship_bracelets_Guatemalan.html -
Just realized I never have put friendship bracelets that Terra Experience sells at shows and at the shop on the web.
 After a couple requests -  here they are.  I will soon be putting pictures of the artisans who make them on the web and
(if I can remember how to do so) putting a video of one of the artisan's showing Josefina how she makes a them.
Here are some of the friendship bracelets we have. 

Style A1

Style C1

Style B1

Style D1

Feb 8, 2014 -  Another year, how quickly it happens.  Another trip to Guatemala.  Lots of new
pictures and products coming soon.  Here are some of the embroidered tapestries we picked up from
Artesanas Maya this year.  See more details and purchase them at:


December 12, 2013  - Looking for a nice gift for a friend?  -  here are some scarf options

We also have 8" x 52" "silky scarves of many colors: click here to see  and buy them

We also have cotton 14" x 66" scarves of many colors
:click here to see and buy  them

  (over 25 color choices)

 Also Beautiful Large 20" x 68" Guatemalan Wraps/Scarves/Runners: :click here to see and buy them

November 29, 2013 -  Many Jaspe Skirts!!!    Just added a bunch of new cortes and skirt material to the web.
They have beautiful jaspe-ikat designs and range of colors including indigo and a rich wine. Also ones from
Santa Catarina Polopo.  Click on the picture or numbers to view large pictures or to purchase.
























November 13, 2013  -  Just added new belts from Panajachel and Solola. 
Click here or on one of the pictures below to view and purchase the belts










November 7, 2013  - Just added the 2014 NISGUA calendar to the Terra Experience Website.  It's beautiful. Click here to see

November 6, 2013 -  Looking for a wonderful gift for friends or maybe yourself?  Check out Terra Experience scarves.
We just updated our scarf pages:

We have 8" x 52" "silky rayon and rayon/cotton scarves of many colors: click here to see them

We have cotton 11" x 50" scarves of many colors: click here to see them
    (over 20 color choices)

We have cotton 14" x 66" scarves of many colors
:click here to see them

  (over 25 color choices)

 Also Beautiful Large 20" x 68" Guatemalan Wraps/Scarves/Runners: :click here to see them

November 3, 2013  - Just updated the Angelina Quic painting page.
Realized I hadn't gotten a few beautiful paintings on the web from 2013. Some examples:



November 2, 2013 -  Just updated my doll hammock page http://terraexperience.com/DA_Mayan_Doll_Hammocks.html
with some new beautiful options

Colorful Hammocks
with  Black Jaspe

By Josefa and her family from San Juan La Laguna

Colorful Handwoven

  Beautiful Hammocks
with Indigo Jaspe



Natural Dye

By San Juan Laguana  Xocomil Woman's Group

Sept 16, 2013 - Just added 6 beautiful huipils from Santa Catarina Polopo to the web.
Click on any of the pictures to get to the page

SCP_13-7 woman

SCP_13-2 woman

SCP_13-3 woman

SCP_13-4 woman

SCP_13-5 woman

SCP_13-6 woman

Sept 15,2013  -  Just added 8 beautiful San Antonio Aguas Caliente Huipils to the web. 
Click on any of the pictures to get to the page.







SAC_12E*  woman

SAC_12F*  woman

Sept 3, 2013 - What happened to the summer???  I just finished adding a number of traditional shawls to our website














July 8, 2013 -  Just Updated our Chichicastenango Skirt Page.  Some of the new skirts are shown below:













Just was fooling around trying to figure out how to create a better slideshow.


April 14, 2013 ----  Colorful Spring Tam / Beret Hats for your 18" Doll
to New Hats page

Spring is in the air as Maria, our 18" Doll, visits Posada Los Volcanes in Panajachel Guatemala.  She like other tourists, enjoys visiting the friendly family Posada (recognized by Trip Advisor as the #1 hotel for value and service in Pana).  Maria models the different colors of stylish spring hats that Mayan Artisan Lucia and her family made for Terra Experience.   The hats are good example of Mayan Artisans taking their traditional skills and adapting them into styles and products that appeal to tourists.   


I am putting the hits on the web today

To purchase New Hats


April 5, 2013 ---- Our shipment just came in (8 very large bags & two boxes)!!!  I've never had a better selection of Embroidered Tapestries.
Check out Mayan Embroidered Folk Art Tapestries from Guatemala, a Fair Trade Gift Option from Terra Experience web page:





March 8, 2013 ---  International Woman's Day.  We are home.  Pictures of the women who make many of Terra Experience's products.  Lynn


February 20, 2013 ---  Yes I am in Guatemala and can't believe how fast time is going. I meant to posts notes and pictures, but am only now getting time to do so. Keep posted.

December 7, 2012 -  Are you having trouble ordering?  A couple customers have recently contacted me saying they were having trouble using the Terra Experience shopping cart (especially if they are using a MAC or Safari).  I am trying to figure out why.  PLEASE contact me at 608- 849-8720 or Lynn@terraexperience (with your phone number & location) and I can easily work with you to take your order.  Sorry for the inconvenience!!!   Lynn

December 1, 2012 -  Madison's 16th Fair Trade  Holiday Festival -  bring your friends - more information http://www.calamadison.org/fthf2012/



October 5, 2012 --- Just added a bunch of Santa Catarina  Polopo Belts or Sashes (Faja) to the
 Terra Experience webs site.  See and click on the pictures below or go directly to









Sept 21, 2012 -  Again what happened to time.  Here is a link to a page on travel options in Antigua, Panajachel  and Santiago Atitlan

for a short visit.  I will gradually update it.  Guatemala Travel Options

Note from Lynn --- We had a great trip and brought over 1100 pounds of wonderful things (over 200 huipils, 40 Santos,  more Angelina paintings, many skirts, belts and other textiles.  That doesn't include the scarves, bags, and doll clothes (3 new villages).  Also many pictures and stories of artisans.

Now comes the hard part (for me) --- getting each of the unique items on the web.  I figure it takes me at least 10 to 20 minutes each (take pictures, get pictures transferred to computer and web, get items tages and numbered, then adding information and shopping cart).  Thus it takes me quite a while -- so I will announce items that I listed on the web on this news page as well as the Terra Experience Facebook page ( http://www.facebook.com/TerraExperience ).  If you have something you are looking for - let me know and I will try get it on the web sooner rather than later.  Also corrections and suggestions are welcome.  Thanks for your interest in Terra Experience Products!  You make it possible!
   Lynn     lynn@terraexperience.com

April 29, 2012 --- Just finished adding the Angelina Quic paintings I bought this year to her page.


Some examples of the new 2012 paintings and a pictures of Angelina.



April 24, 2012 ---  Always takes me more time then planned. But I did get my taxes in on time!!!.

Anyway just finished getting the 8" wooden santos I bought this year added to the web.  Some examples

I still have 24 large and many small santos to add.  Just takes a while.  Let me know if you are interested and I will put priority on them.

March 24, 2012 ---- Have just added more 2012 huipils from the following villages:  (More will be coming)

Chichicastenango Huipils:        http://www.terraexperience.com/p_huipils_Chichicastenango.html
Cotzal Huipils (New page):        http://www.terraexperience.com/p_huipils_Cotzal.html
Santiago Atitlan:                         http://www.terraexperience.com/p_huipils_Santiago_Atitlan.html

March 23, 2012  ----   Well - it took me a week to inventory in the 1100 pounds of wonderful stuff we picked up in Guatemala this January.
Now I am putting a few things on the web. Let me know if you have something you are looking for. Lynn@terraexperience.com
So far have updated:

Nahuala Huipils:                          http://www.terraexperience.com/p_huipils_Nahuala.html
Chajul Huipils:                              http://www.terraexperience.com/p_huipils_Chajul.html
San Antonio Polopo Huipils:      http://www.terraexperience.com/p_huipils_San_Antonio_Palopo.html

(smaller sizes still to be added)

San Antonio Palopo

March 13, 2012 --- Our shipment came in yesterday!!!!  I will be posting (almost) daily updates here in our news page
 and on facebook  on what has been added to the website from our 2012 shipment.  Today its embroidered folk tapestries.


March 8, 2012 -  Shipment is in Chicago, hopefully have in hand soon.  You might want to check out:

March 2, 2012 - Do you ever feel you can't keep up with the flow of time passing?  Well I certainly get that when I realize how long its been since I posted on this page.  Had good holiday sales after a very slow year last year --- thanks all!!! 

Just got back from 5 weeks in Guatemala.  Hope to post pictures of my friends as well as new huipils, doll clothes and many other things I bought.  The shipment is still in transit (hopefully comes in next two week) - but I have managed to get pictures of huipils I bought on the trip on each of the village huipil pages.  Let me know if you are interested in one.  Until they arrive I may have a hard time giving you dimensions and price -  but let me know of your interest and I will do what I can, and put them on the top of the list when they do arrive.   Lynn  lynn@terraexperience.com

December 11, 2011 -  Happy Holidays!!!   Just added 4 more large Angelina Paintings to web!


November 27, 2011   

Fair Trade gifts are gifts that come with a story. 
Itís the story of the artisan who handcrafted the beautiful product often in his or her home.  Itís the story of the artisanís children who are in school and eating better because the artisan regularly receives a fair wage for the product.  Itís the story of the community, the environment and the cultural traditions that are sustained by the purchase of the handcrafted product.   When you give a fair trade gift to a friend or loved one, you give a great gift and a story that says so much more.   Wonít you help us share these stories this holiday season?

  Some Gift Ideas

For the Family
 Folk Tapestries

Multitude of Paintings

2012 Arte Maya Calendar

Table Clothes & Runners


For Her
Todos Santos Bags


Beautiful Silver

Maya Tradition Bags 

For Your Doll
Fun Doll Hammocks 

18" Doll clothes many styles

MT Fair Trade  Dolls

Doll Hats

2322.JPG (37159 bytes)
 Doll Dresses
many styles

For All Kids 1f01.JPG (63908 bytes)
Colorful Hacky Sacks
Anderson_Marilyn_Maya_Arts_and_Crafts_of_Guatemala.jpg (22991 bytes)
Over 50
Children's' Books
For Him


Men's Shirts & Traditional Traje



18dd.JPG (137849 bytes)
Woodcarvings &  Slingshots


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