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May 24, 2017 --- Just added 14 new Embroidered Tapestries to the website page.  They are beautiful.  The wedding embroidering would make a wonderful gift to the right couple.  I have always loved the Medio Amdiente (The Environment) as well as those that display common themes of every-day Mayan life. Click here or on any of the pictures to see them.


April 29, 2017 --- Managed to get some beautiful Chichi Belts on the Web as well as some wonderful new Angelina Quic Paintings on the web during the past month.

To Chichi Belt Page

To Angelina Quic Ixtamer Mayan Naive Oil Paintings



March 9, 2017 ---  Trying to get caught up again. 

March 8, 2017  International Women's Day

Today sharing some of the 2017 photos of Mayan women (and their families) who make Terra Experience's doll clothes and other products. Your purchases help them keep their children and grandchildren in school. Thanks!



Some of Terra Experiences 18 " Fair Trade Doll Doll Clothes
and the Artisans who make them.

These beautiful handmade outfits fit American Girl Doll.  They help you and your doll explore the another culture south of the border, the Mayan World.  Your fair trade purchase also helps keep the Weavers' children in school and meet other needs of the families.  Won't you give a gift that
keeps on giving, is beautiful and has a wonderful story to go with it?  Check out
Terra Experience Doll Clothes page to learn more & purchase.

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