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Beautiful Larger Guatemalan Scarves
Most 14" x 66", some 12-13" x  54-66". (As marked) 
Made of cotton, each piece is hand-woven by Mayan women and their families. They make wonderful gifts for a friend or yourself.     The pictures below show what we have as of  12/16/2016.  They are beautiful !!! 

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Hand-woven on a floor loom.

PB-1 (14 x 66")***
Pink & Blue

RB (14 x 66")**

GR (14 x 66")  *
Green Rainbow

GRB (14 x 66")**
Green, Rose & Blue

CF (14 x 66")******
 Coral Flow

GF (14 x 66")*****
 Green Flow

OG (14 x 66")****
Olive Green

BT (14 x 66")
 Brown Tones

WR (14 x 66")
Warm Rainbow

RT (14 x 66")**
Red Tones

CR (14 x 66")****
Coral & Rust

(14 x 66")**
Coral  & Brown

PG (14 x 66")**
Purple & Greens

(14 x 66")
Woven Blue & Green

LG (14 x 66")***
Lighter Green

SB (14 x 66")
Strong Blues

MG (14 x 66")***
Medium Green

sold out
The scarves below are are  12" or 13"  wide
and most are a shorter length (as marked).

RO (13 x 64")*
Red Orange Rose

sold out

FC LC (13 x 56")
Lavender Current

RR (12 x 64")***
Red & Rose

GB (12 x 64")*
Green Blues

LB  (12 x 56")***
Lavender & Browns

LT (12 x 56")*******
 Lavender Tones

PB-2 (12.5 x 54")*
Purple and Blues

First:   Indicate your 3 acceptable choices in order of preference  by letters   

 Then:   Hand-woven Scarves    Item #  A-SC-SAP-L      Price $20.00
Most approximately 66" x 14" (unless otherwise indicated, a few 12")

When you order, please indicate first your preference (by letter) and two acceptable alternatives. Individual items may vary slightly from the pictures shown.  If by chance we don't one of your selections,  we will send you scans of some other options for your approval.
Contact us at lynn@terraexperience.com  if you have questions.

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