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Quezaltenango Guatemala --- 
Quetzaltenango is one of the Departments or regional governments of Guatemala located in the SW portion of the country.  Quetzaltenango is also Guatemala's second largest city. Locally the city is often referred to as "Xela" a shortening of the original Mayan name for the area.  Thus if you are looking for traditional clothing from "Quetzaltenango" you need to first figure out if you mean the City or one of the villages or pueblos in the Department of Quezaltenango.  Both Quiche and Mam Mayans live in Quezaltenango.  



Language Group 


Quetzaltenango ("Xela")

Quiche (Kiche)



Quiche (Kiche)





Concepcion Chiquirichapa



San Martin Sacatepequez (Chile Verde)


"Xela" or Quezaltenango, the city, usually has a 3-panel huipil which has a wide decorative striped embroidered randa holding the panels together.  Sometimes the striped randa is replaced by machine embroidered flowers.  The neck opening is usually circled by beautiful embroidered flowers.  In the past this embroidery was done by hand.  Most is now machine embroidered. The huipil's panels are usually made on a floor loom rather than a back-strap loom.  I've noticed two distinct patterns to the cloth.  One is a distinctive intricate brocade that usually has patterns of Quetzals or other birds, rows of "diamonds", and a pattern that might represent the tree of life or other vegetative design. The other cloth pattern has horizontal rows that contains some white and black jaspe (ikot) designs (often in chevrons), and rows of brocaded design that may contain birds, zigzag lightning type and geometric patterns that look like "snowflakes" to my mid-western Wisconsin eyes, but certainly have other meanings to the weavers.   

 Quezaltenango, Quezaltenango.  

Girl/ Small Woman's   Click on Pictures for more detail   arrows3.wmf (2512 bytes)          size & fitting tips.

Girl/ Small  Women

Width: 25"
Length:  16.5"

Neck: 4.75"w, 2.5"d. 1.75" slit

Weight: 14.5 oz

Price:  $25.00

Quezaltenango -  Two-panel foot loomed cotton cloth huipil with brocaded design.  Neck and front have nice machine-made embroidered flowers with similar flowered randa. Panel sides are closed. Bottom panels are hemmed.   Condition: Good used piece.


Woman's Click on Pictures for more detail     arrows3.wmf (2512 bytes)
H-Q-15-04 Women

Width: 30
Length: 26" 

Neck: 6.5"w, 2.5"d.
Weight: 1.2 lb



H-Q-15-05 Women

Width: 30
Length: 25" 

Neck: 5.5"w, 3"d.
Weight: 1 lb



H-Q-021 Women

Width: 32
Length: 27" 

Neck: 6.5"w, 2.5"d.
Weight: 1.6 lb


H-Q-15-03 Women

Width: 34
Length: 24" 

Neck: 6.25"w, 2.5"d.
Weight: 1.5 lb


H-Q-15-01 Women

Width: 36
Length: 29" 

Neck: 5.5"w, 2"d.
Weight: 2.25 lb


H-Q-019 Women

Width: 36
Length: 28" 

Neck: 6.25"w, 3"d.
Weight: 1.75 lb



H-Q-15-02 Women

Width: 37"
Length: 23" 

Neck: 6.75"w, 2.5d.
Weight: 1.75 lb


H-Q-022 Women

Width: 37"
Length: 24" 

Neck: 6.7"w, 3d.
Weight: 1.7 lb





2012 Huipils H


Shawls, Rebozos, Perajes

R_Q_003 Shawl or Rebozo


Width:  26", Length:  72" (not including fringe)

Price:  $ 30.00




Q_02  --- Shawl or Rebozo

Colorful primarily acrylic threads. Probably made on a foot-loom. Condition: good quality used piece.

Width:  24", Length:  64" (not including fring)

Price:  $ 38.00


a06.JPG (61336 bytes) a09.JPG (60353 bytes)
a0c.JPG (77073 bytes)
Q_02  --- Shawl or Rebozo 

Colorful primarily acrylic threads. Probably made on a foot-loom. Condition: good quality used piece.

Width:  22", Length:  54" (not including fringe)

Price:  $35.00



a0d.JPG (46689 bytes) a0e.JPG (71772 bytes)
a11.JPG (58467 bytes)


  a00.JPG (37602 bytes)

Q_004 woman

31e2.JPG (51319 bytes)
Q_005 woman

31f3.JPG (61454 bytes)
Q_006  woman

31d3.JPG (57382 bytes)
Q_007  woman

31e0.JPG (58517 bytes)
Q_008 woman

Q_011  woman 

1cfe.JPG (61098 bytes)
Q_012  woman 

Q_013  woman 



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