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San Cristobal Totnicapan Guatemala (Quiche) Mayan Huipils and Textiles (also other blouses  with similar flowered embroidery)

huipils for infants, girls & adults     skirts for girls & women  outfits for dolls

 The Huipils we have for sale are pictured below, generally going from smaller sizes to larger sizes.  Click here for size & fitting tips.  

Infant & Small Child   Click on Pictures for more detail     arrows3.wmf (2512 bytes)          size & fitting tips.


Infant/ Small Child's Huipil
Width: 18"
Length: 13"
Neck : 3.5 w, 2" d

Price: $10.00


2258.JPG (41456 bytes)

machine embroidered, unfinished hem, light spotting

2259.JPG (52819 bytes)


Girl & Small   Click on Pictures for more detail     arrows3.wmf (2512 bytes)          size & fitting tips.
Larger  Click on Pictures for more detail     arrows3.wmf (2512 bytes)



H_SCT_12A  sold



Sold  Huipiles

1dab.JPG (40291 bytes)

86c.JPG (89211 bytes) SCT_002  Woman

2255.JPG (44273 bytes)

224f.JPG (71118 bytes)

2258.JPG (41456 bytes) SCT_006   infant/child

2240.JPG (43878 bytes)
SCT_008    Woman

SCT_009    child

225d.JPG (44270 bytes)


1f88.JPG (39372 bytes)

F_003   Girl

   Fitting Tips ---  Huipils were traditionally made on a loom. Thus they are made of rectangular pieces and are not intended to be a fitted garment.  The width of the garment should be considerably larger (at least 25 to 33%) than the shoulders of the wearer.  Think about room to grow too! Mayan women often put tucks in a huipil's shoulder then remove them as a child grows. 

Neck and head hole openings on Huipils are often small.  Note that we can not guarantee that the neck size of a Huipil fits you and your child.  If you want to wear some huipils you may have to open the neck opening and lightly stitch it. This is especially true of Huipils that have been woven on a back-strap loom.    Please check your neck and head measurements carefully!!!

Our Guarantee: We want you to be completely satisfied with our products.   If you are not, notify us within 30 days and return the item.  Depending on your choice we will refund your money (minus original cost of shipping) or give you a credit on another item. 

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