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Mayan Books

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Mayan Village Index 
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Santa Catarina Palopo

Todos Santos

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santiago atitlan.jpg (75771 bytes)
Santiago Atitlan

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San Juan La Laguna 

Nahuala & Santa Caterina Ix.

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Click here to check out our other Guatemala Paintings

Roberto Peren (grandson of Oscar Peren) 

In 2006 I invisited the gallery of  Oscar Peren I noticed a small miniature (3" x 4") painting made by his Grandson,  Roberto Peren.  I liked it and bought it and asked if there were any more.  There weren't, but  Robert said if I wanted more he would be glad to make them and bring them to Antigua. Two weeks later we met at Polla Compero and he had 10 paintings for me.  Robert told me about his school and living in Comalapa.  He painted scenes of every-day-life family life in Comalapa saying he would like to be a tourist guide. 

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Miniature Oil Paintings by Robert Peren



El Adorno

$20   P_RP_008

Tejedora Comalapa (Comalap Weaver) 3"x4"
$20   P_RP_004

La Pinata
(The Pinata)
$20  P_RP_007


By 2010, Roberto had grown, his painting style is more detailed and his paintings reflected the subjects of interests to a young man.   The paintings are lighter and more colorful than my photos show
(no sun or flash).


Semana Santa 3"x4"
 $25    P_RP_009  ?

Semana Santa  3"x4"
$25   P_RP_010

$25   P_RP_011

Novias 3"x4"
$25   P_RP_012

$25   P_RP_013

Los Novias  3"x4"
$25   P_RP_014

Orlando Peren

Orlando Peren is the Son of Oscar Peren

Navida (Christmas)           Signed: Orlando Peren   8" x 10"   
P_ORP_001    $65.00


O. Peren

These paintings were purchased in Oscar Peren's Gallery. They are signed O.P.  They are nicely done, but I am not sure whether they are Oscar Peren's or Orlando Peren's.

Painting of the Conquistador Dance
Signed: Comolapa O.P.
4" x 6"
P_OP_001   $35.00


Painting of the Dance
Signed: Comolapa O.P.

4" x 6"
P_OP_002  $35.00


Painting of the Market
Signed: Comolapa O.P.

4" x 6"
P_OP_003  $35.00

Some Paintings we have sold




 Acarreando Agua
 (Carrying water)

Haciendo Canastos
(Making Baskets)


Haciendo Barriletes (Making Kites)

Acarreamdo Lena
(Carrying wood for energy)

(sold) Valando Barriletes
 (Flying Kites)

J (sold) Palanca  (Lever )

Click here to check out our other Guatemala Paintings        

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