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 and other beautiful fair trade products from Guatemala
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Terra Experience Guatemalan Products

Expand your, and your American Girl or other 16", 18" and 23" Doll's experience to the Mayan Highlands of Guatemala and other parts of Central and South America.  Many Mayan textiles are hand-woven on a backstrap loom, building on weaving traditions more than a thousand years old. You can also find Clothes and Accessories for You and Yours.  Fun stuff includes paintings, textiles, huipils, wood carvings and other Arts and Crafts.  We also have children's and other Books on the Mayan Culture and Central America.

 Fun Stuff for Your Dolls 

 Doll Clothes for 18" Dolls (such as American Girl Josefina)

Options for  15 & 16" Dolls

Options for 23-24" Dolls
(such as My Twinn etc...

Visit to a Basket Shop in the Market

Doll Accessories

Doll Accessories for Home


Where can I find a 16 or 18" Multicultural or Ethnic Doll that fits Terra Experience Doll Clothes? 

 Fun Stuff for You & Yours

Huipils for Girls &  Women

To see thumbnail pictures of many the huipils we have Click Here for Huipil Thumbnails

or select specific villages below:


Fun Stuff for Everyone

Accessories and Gifts

Skirts, Carrying Cloths & Woven Material

For Your Home


For Boys & Men

Shirts, Jackets & Traje

For a Special Person 


Mayan Arts and Crafts

Paintings  Paintings
Wood Carvings

Textile Art
 (non clothes)

 (you may also want to check our huipils - they make beautiful textile hangings)


Books on Maya Culture & Central America


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