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San Juan La Laguna, Guatemala
Also check out the Huipils, Skirts (corte) and doll clothes  that we have for sale from San Juan La Laguna.

Village Pictures


 San Juan La Laguna Weaving Cooperatives and Woman's Groups

San Juan La Laguna is a wonderful village with an incredible number of woman's cooperatives and woman's groups. The groups do fine weaving of textiles on the traditional back-strap loom and to a lesser degree the Spanish floor loom.  The village is also hub for the use of natural dyed fabric.  Depending on the year and who you are talking with there are some some 25 to 30 groups.  Each group has somewhere between 15 and 75 members.  They have a tremendous capability and skills.. Terra Experience has bought fairly regularly from 3 of those highlighted below.  I am listing their contact information as well as some other similar groups I have met. 

Almost all the groups could use more work.  I encourage those visiting Guatemala to visit San Juan La Laguana and importers who work on fair trade principles to contact them and purchase their fine work.  And if you can't make it to Guatemala, consider buying a scarf, doll hammock, tzute or table runner from Terra Experience.

Name of Group Approx #
Pictures Contact Information
Asociacion de Artesanos de San Juan      
Tradicion Maya Textil - Corazon del Lago     Tels:
Textiles Xocomil      






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Tzutes (table clothes)

The Artisans and Pueblo


Also check out the Huipils, Skirts (corte) and doll clothes  that we have for sale from San Juan La Laguna.


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