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Santa Catarina Ixtahuacan and Nahuala Guatemala (Quiche) 
Also check out our huipils for infants, girls & adults; skirts (corte); and doll clothes from Nahuala and Santa Catarina Ixtahuacan.
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Huipils & Traje from Nahuala and Santa Catarina Ixtahuacan Nahuala_01_woman_(38).JPG (38636 bytes)
  The Huipils are often finely brocaded with red geometric and serpent designs. Many Women like the softening effect when  thread colors bleed and  blend with the material of the Huipil.  
Infants' Huipils and everyday Huipils can have simpler designs. 
Much of the agricultural land of the Nahuala people was lost to ladino plantation owners who turned it into coffee fincas Some Nahuala people moved to the coast in search of land. I've been told that these lighter pink Huipils are from a village they settled. 
Two Villages Nahuala and Santa Catarina are neighboring villages.  Santa Catarina has better agricultural land along a river valley than Nahuala.   That land has been a source of disputes between the two towns for a number of year.
16c3.JPG (39788 bytes) Most of people actually live in the countryside rather than the villages.
Corn and beans remains the most important crops. But the land is poor. 
 Many men must leave to work on fincas or to work "el norte" for months at a time.
Woman's Group in Santa Catarina Ixtahuacan 16b7.JPG (62852 bytes) 16ad.JPG (45349 bytes)
1717.JPG (56270 bytes) Mayan Traditions, a fair trade wholesaler, works with weavers from this woman's group to make many products including doll Huipils. By paying the woman a fair wage, Maya Tradition helps the women provide additional income for their families. 16bf.JPG (58367 bytes)
My doll makes many friends 16c1.JPG (51632 bytes) 16b0.JPG (53866 bytes)
16c2.JPG (47277 bytes) 16bc.JPG (41861 bytes) One girl shows her how the threads are warped before weaving
The Village Santa Catarina Ixtahacan 16ae.JPG (64403 bytes) 16b5.JPG (32913 bytes)
16bd.JPG (48870 bytes) People come into the village to shop and chat at the small shops found in many of the houses along the street. The village hall of Santa Catarina also has a shop in it.
16b3.JPG (39807 bytes) <<<The village's Catholic Church
The village's Evangelic Church >>>
16c7.JPG (27548 bytes)
The village has a community well and  school.  16af.JPG (49578 bytes) 16c6.JPG (42530 bytes)
Also check huipils for infants, girls & adults  skirts (corte)  doll clothes   


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