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Santiago Atitlan, Guatemala (Tzutujil Mayan)

The Weavers, Artisans & their Families

Conception and her mother and sisters make many of Terra Experience's doll huipiles. Her husband and others of her family are excellent painters, We sell some of their paintings.


Dolores & her children's families (1996 picture show 3 of her children that now have their own families). Terra Experience buys used textiles from Dolores and her family.  They made some of Terra Experience's original pieced doll huipiles and doll skirts from these textiles and continue to do so.

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Maria weaves incredibly beautiful huipiles and a few special edition doll huipiles. Her father and brother are fine carvers.  As a child Maria and her family were featured in "Children of the World, Guatemala".
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Celia  is a source of some of Terra Experiences used Santiago Textiles and has made some doll huipiles.

Carlos carves wood masks which his wife helps paint and also sells in their shop. They make the painted masks that Terra Experience sell.

The Village

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Links to Santiago Atitlan Items

Belts & Sashes




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skirt Material

Maya Tradition Dolls

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Doll Outfits

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Shawls (Rebozos)



  santiago atitlan - Girl from Guatemala.JPG (22539 bytes)The Artisans and Pueblos



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