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 and other beautiful fair trade products from Guatemala
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Doll Dresses fit American Girl Doll & other 18" Dolls (Some fit Bitty Baby)- Handmade by    Wisconsin Nicaragua Partners Chica Nica Doll Dress Project

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34c0.JPG (43856 bytes)  

Red Smocked Dress
Item#  DC-WNP-SM_R  ^

Price $20.00


22d3.JPG (32924 bytes) Blue Contrast Dr
 Item#  DC-WNP-CN  ^

Price $20.00

White Party Dress
 Item#  DC-WNP-WH ^

Price $20.00

German Christmas Dress 

sorry sold out     *

Price $20.00
 Item #  DC-WNP-G1
Some very slight variations
between dressed,


Little Cook
(Various Colors) 
1.  Indicate 2 acceptable options  (by  color) in order of preference.

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2.  Then add the dress to your shopping cart
   Little Cook    
Price $20.00      Item #  DC-WNP-LC

LC-  lt green/sold


Joy's Waldorf 18" Doll

LC-Easter lavender *

 T - Turquoise ^

P - Purple^

LC- Yellow^
(Various Styles) 
Beautiful hand-smocking  with a variety of prints and details (click on picture to see better)
1.  Indicate 3 acceptable options  (by #) in order of preference.

Write your choices below

2.  Then add the dress to your shopping cart
Price $20.00      Item #  DC-WNP-SM

SM - 017*

SM - 018^

SM - 019^

SM - 011^

SA - Purple /sold
Other Chica Nica Doll Dresses
2322.JPG (37159 bytes) 22d3.JPG (32924 bytes)
Traditional Coastal First Communion
 or Bridal
Many other Styles that fit Bitty Baby,  American Girl Dolls & many other 18" Dolls
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