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Doll Clothes:  Santa Catarina Palopo Guatemala  
Each piece is hand-made and unique. Colors and styles will be similar to those pictured, but not identical.


Santa Catarina Palopo Doll Huipils & Outfits - See below for some of the doll-sized huipils  (blouses) and outfits we have available from Santa Catarina Palopo  Guatemala.  Meet the artisans, Martina and Catarina, of these beautiful outfits. You may also want to check out our Child and Adult huipils from Santa Catarina Palopo.  
Item #  DC-T-SCP
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Red 3-piece Traje (Outfit)
for 18" Doll


Red huipil for 18" Doll with brocaded designs

Corte (Skirt) for 18" Doll



Blue 3-piece Traje (Outfit) for 18" Doll

Blue Huipil for 18" Doll


Similar outfit shown on Waldorf Doll & Samantha

santa caterina weavers.JPG (64660 bytes)
1999 - The first delivery of Doll Huipils from Santa Catarina


Turquoise 3-piece Traje (Outfit) for 18" Doll


Turquoise Huipil  for 18" Doll with
brocaded designs.

Tzute (Carrying Cloth)
for 18" Doll

Waldorf doll carrying Maya Traditions 8" doll with a traditional tzute or carrying cloth

Purple 3-piece Traje (Outfit) for 18" Doll  


Purple Huipil

santa caterian J & AM in market.JPG (77106 bytes)
Cinta Headpiece for
for 18" Doll

The Artisan's Story


Martina and Catarina were two of the first weavers who I worked with to make traditional Mayan doll clothes. We worked together to figure out the size, and they came through with beautiful small huipils for 18" dolls.

santa caterina weavers.JPG (64660 bytes) The first delivery arrived in the traditional tzute or carrying cloth of Santa Catarina Palopo

Making Santa Catarina Palopo Guatemala Doll Huipiles

Making the doll huipils takes many steps.  First the weaver prepares the warp for weaving and then weave the huipils.  Here Martina and Catarina carefully finish the neckhole and sew up the seams Making Santa Catarina Palopo Guatemala Doll Huipiles

By 2003 my doll Vanessa had made many friends and Catarina's daughter, Conception (right) had grown quite a bit from the first time I met her.


Click on the picture to visit Santa Catarina Palopo

 Click on the picture on the right and Conception and her friend Candelaria will show you how to wrap the traditional Santa Catarina Hair Tie or Cinta

Josefina paddles a ____ or Mayan Canoe.

On the right Josephina and her friend, a Maya Traditions doll, dressed in a Terra Experience outfit sell their wares in a Guatemala market. santa caterian J & AM in market.JPG (77106 bytes)

Santa Catarina is the Patron Saint of Santa Catarina Palopo


We also have huipils and clothes for girls and women 
for sale

Click on the items to see what is available


huipiles (blouses)

1a7d.JPG (151152 bytes)

 (carrying clothes

 26b6.JPG (48627 bytes)
faja (belts)

 1510.JPG (57699 bytes)
(skirt material)

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