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Natural Dye Scarves from San Juan La Laguna ---.  

These soft natural dye cotton scarves are made by women’s groups in San Juan La Laguna Guatemala.  The dyes for the thread are made from a variety of natural vegetation most from the local area.  It requires skill and a lot of time to grow or find the plants, process the materials to make the dyes, fix them and then dye the cotton threads. Then the thread is warped and woven into incredible variety of colorful scarves.  Made of cotton, each piece is hand-woven by Mayan women and their families. They make wonderful gifts for a friend or yourself.  Most approximately 9 to 10" x 60 to 68" (unless otherwise indicated) excluding fringe Each scarf is nicely finished at the end with fringe.

The pictures below show what we have as of  12/16/2016.  They
are beautiful !!! 

Item #  A-SC-SJL-ND                               Scroll Down to See Options. You can Click on pictures for close-ups          arrows3.jpg (13778 bytes)    
Select colors you like (by letters)  and Scroll down to order

Wouldn't these look nice on your scarf rack (or maybe your friends)?

Nicely finished  with fringe.

These flowers are make into one of the yellow dyes.  The warping board is used to prepare the tread before the scarf is woven on a back-strap loom.

 Natural Dyed Cotton Threads

hand-woven on a back-strap loom

B* sold
(10 x 60")

(10 x 58")

(9 x 62")

(9 x 60")

(9 x 60")

(10 x 64")

(10 x 68")

(10 x 60")

(9.5 x 58")

(9.5 x 60")

First:   Indicate your 3 acceptable choices in order of preference  by letters   

 Then:   Hand-woven Scarves    Item #  A-SC-SJL-ND      Price $25.00
Most approximately 9 to 10" x 60 to 68" (unless otherwise indicated)

When you order, please indicate first your preference (by letter) and two acceptable alternatives. We only have one of each color, so be sure to provide alternatives.  If by chance we don't one of your selections,  we will send you scans of some other options for your approval.
Contact us at lynn@terraexperience.com  if you have questions.

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